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    Yesterday afternoon we at @milliframe got an opportunity to meet the collective behind in⎮tər⎮im, A group of determined minds that is not only creating a movement but in the process are redefining an idea, THRIFTING. An art, yes I will repeat it, an ART that is often mistaken for scavenging old, discarded or “vintage” clothing usually reserved only for bottom feeders or the less fortunate is now being transformed every 6 months for a 2-Day event unlike any other.

    The pieces in this collection were procured and delicately transported here across state lines from Toronto, Canada to present you with an experience that is truly authentic and unique in its design. They reflects the effort(s) that were invested in completing this venture and it is truly a masterpiece worth seeing in person. Besides the fact that it is a one day event, all the pieces in this collection are one-of-a-kinds and under $50. The theme ever so transparent, from the giant dreamcatcher in the pop-up shop’s storefront window to the throwing stick detailed with Navajo handwritings clandestinely set upon a stack of books atop the clothing fixture that showcases colorful native garbs among other trendy and fashionable item that correlate with the overall scheme of things.

    At three items per consumer and everything under fifty bucks be prepared to be well taken care of and catered to as the in⎮tər⎮im staff are seasoned veterans at providing the public with an excellent medium to express one’s individuality through fashion. The new movement resembles a traveling circus bringing along their fashion ideas, Creative themes and basically living on the road with pop up shops planned across the map. We hear the next stop is L.A. if so, it will surely be another amazing event. 

    Special thanks to: Sean + Bernard + Othello + Courtney & in | ter | im staff for choosing NY as well as “BK Circus” for hosting this event. 

    Directed By Milliframe

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